We have been compiling mailing addresses and sending out postcards to our customers when the Strawberries near the peak of the season for years. At the peak of our mailing list there were 12,075 addresses. Due to rising postage costs we no longer add addresses to that data base. Instead we started "THE LIST". We now collect email addresses to better serve our customers. The old way you got one notice per season with "THE LIST" you receive an email whenever conditions change, keeping you better informed on strawberry and pea picking conditions through out the season.

Joining "THE LIST" is very simple. All you have to do is go to the Contact Us page and send us an email asking to join. If you still receive post cards through the mail we ask that you include your mailing address in the email when you ask to be on "THE LIST" so it may be removed from the other data base. That's it. You will then be added to the thousands of elite Rowe's Produce Farm customers who are "ON TOP" of everything going on at the farm. Emails sent to those on "THE LIST" are usually sent in the evening and give conditions for the next day or several days. More "real time" info can be obtained by calling the farm at 734-482-8538 during business hours or on Facebook.


We had a personal page on Facebook for Rowe's Produce Farm since 2010. This was another great way to be informed in more "real time" as we can update that during the day as things happen. In 2013 Facebook FORCED us to change our page to a business page and this changes things as to how you get the information we post. We are now "friendless". It took all of our friends and turned them into "likes". We no longer know who you people are that "like" us unless you comment on our posts or like them.

Now when we post something it is NOT put in most everyone's news feed as it was before, it is included in a portion of the people that "like" us and then we would have to pay to have everyone see it. For the amount of posts that we do in a season to keep people informed and to share pictures of of our customers it is not economically feasible for us to "pay" to have our posts seen by everyone.

If you want to make sure you have the most current information you will need to "GO" to our Facebook page and see what's going on.


In hopes that more people can be informed on our posts we suggest that you either share our posts, comment on them or like them thus spreading the word to all of your friends to make sure everyone gets the message.