Freezer Jam

We're Jammin'

If you have trouble boiling water, freezer jam is for you. It is SO easy to do that we can not tell you how to make it. You must use a fruit pectin in order to make freezer jam and since there are many different kinds of pectin you just have to choose one and follow the recipe that comes with it. Some use a lot of fruit and some a lot of sugar. We have used liquid or dry, regular or Lite and have NEVER made a bad batch of freezer jam. Although we have been told not to double a batch. For some reason, not known to mortal man, if you try to double up a batch it does not set up properly, go figure. You can amaze your friends and relatives when you give them home made jam as a holiday gift. To do this you may want to freeze the jam in a little nicer jar than the old baby food jars you were gonna use.

Compliments of Mark Girard