Strawberry Lasagna

                                                        16-oz cream cheese, softened
                                                        2 (3-oz) pkg. vanilla instant pudding
                                                        1/2 Cup powdered sugar
                                                        1 Cup milk
                                                        8 Cups mashed strawberries

1/4 Cup Kirsch
1 Cup granulated sugar
2 loaves pound cake
1 Cup whipping cream

Beat cream cheese, pudding mixes, powdered sugar and milk at high speed until smooth; set aside. Combine mashed strawberries, kirsch and sugar in medium bowl; mix well. Remove 1 Cup and puree in blender or food processor; reserve and set aside. Slice cake into 1/2-inch slices. Line a 9x13 pan or dish with cake slices. Layer 1/3 of the cream cheese mixture and 1/3 of the strawberry mixture over top of cake slices. Repeat layers, ending with strawberry mixture. Swirl the remaining strawberry over top. Chill 4 to 8 hours. Chill, then beat whipping cream until stiff peaks form. Cut the cake into 3-inch squares, top with whipped cream and the reserved strawberry puree. Serves 10

Compliments of Doris Rowe